This demo is to show off the authoring interface of the Silverstripe Content Management System (CMS). The Silverstripe CMS is designed to be super easy to update content, allowing designers and developers to build rich, amazing websites.

To try out Silverstripe CMS for yourself you’ll need to log in as an web administrator which will allow you to make changes to the content of this demo website.

Simple theme

This demo uses the Simple theme which is the default theme provided in the standard download of the Silverstripe CMS with some additional modifications for the purpose of this demo. Simple theme is easy to use and understand. We have kept it basic so those with minimal understanding of CSS and HTML can adapt it to suit their needs. The Simple theme is also used in Silverstripe CMS theme tutorials, giving you simple tips to get you started on your own theme creation.

Friendly and flexible open source CMS

The Silverstripe CMS is designed to promote accessible site design, semantic markup, and HTML5 use. With its template flexibility, we're confident that it will be able to accommodate whatever is coming next. It has been downloaded well over 500,000 times and powers websites for government agencies, corporations, non-profits and a large number of much smaller websites.

We believe the open source model simply produces better web software and in turn, better meets our own needs and those of other developers who use the software. As with all open source software, anyone has access to the source code, and a global community of developers can share best practices, code, documentation, roadmap ideas and so on.

You never have to pay a licensing fee for Silverstripe CMS, and you never have to worry about vendor lock-in. Under the BSD license, which is one of the most flexible open source licenses and Open Source Initiative approved, you benefit from the contributions of others in the community, and the transparent way in which the software is developed in consultation with its users.

The Silverstripe CMS and Framework has been created by Silverstripe Ltd (silverstripe.com), together with a vibrant open source community (silverstripe.org) with special thanks to Sara from Innovatif for designing Simple theme which this demo uses.